The Kenny Burrell

Jazz guitar great Kenny Burrell knows about tone. With over forty years of masterful jazz playing, he sets the bar for many young players to shoot for. Our Heritage “Kenny Burrell” model is not just the amp Kenny endorses, it’s the amp he plays!  Two 10” speakers or a single 1x12, and a pair of 6L6’s give this amp it’s warm, round tone. A straight-ahead tone stack allows the player to dial in the perfect jazz sound. A Cherry wood name and faceplate help to distinguish this remarkable amp.

The Liberty

Our version of a classic vintage American amp.  The Normal and Bright channels are internally jumpered, and can be used independently or blended. This amp features a lush reverb section and 50 watts of pure, fat 6L6 tone! A beautiful head and a 2x12 cabinet make this amp a new classic. The Liberty also includes the “mood” knob.
The Patriot

produces 40 watts from a pair of 6L6’s in a single 1x12 combo.  A 2x10 version is also available.  The tones from the amp range from warm and sweet to mean and aggressive. Perfect for styles ranging from blues, country and classic rock. 

The Victory
The amp is powered by two 6V6 tubes in a single 12" combo with reverb. The tone is rich and full of harmonics. The amplifier is very sensitive to the dynamicresponses of the player. The Victory is an ideal recording and club amp at 20 watts.

The Freedom

produces 45 watts from a pair of 6L6’s in a single 1x12 combo.   The interactive tone controls allow the Jazz player to cover sounds ranging from classic “Arch-top” jazz guitar sounds to more modern tones.
The Colonial

A versatile take on a classic 50 watt design. The Colonial uses the same base circuit that has been used in Tweed and Plexi/style amps, but can be setup like a Tweed or a Plexi. The amp allows for EL34’s or 6L6 power tubes. American or English voicing allows for a wide range of tones.

The Briton

Think of a top boost amp with reverb that you could use to play “Little Wing”, by Hendrix... the Briton has classic English style chime with a bit of American warmth. The amplifier features four cathode-biased EL84 tubes at 30 watts and is available as a head or as a combo.