GREGG DE LORTO, a native of California, born October 12, 1950, in Lynnwood, Began playing guitar at the age of 10 with the help of friends and some private lessons. Played in small groups at school functions and at teenage fairs. Won several (battle of the bands) contests, and many awards. By the age of 14 joined the ABC Paramount Recording Group (The Spats) and performed regularly at Disneyland as a special guest artist group. Also performed television and concerts with many of the popular bands of the sixties: The Rolling Stones, Neil Diamond, Sonny & Cher, Andy Williams and The Association. Towards the mid sixties was influenced by the great Wes Montgomery, and pursed the Jazz guitar. Was privately instructed by the late Joe Pass. In the early 70’s became a Christian and started working with various church musical groups and as a guitar instructor for Yamaha. By 1980, Gregg was hired by the Gibson Guitar Company as California district sales manager, and performed many guitar clinics and workshops with Howard Roberts and Mike Elliot and was able to interact with Les Paul, Chet Atkins and B.B. King at the Namm music trade shows.

In 1985 sold some of the very first year production Heritage guitars, and remain to this day promoting Heritage guitars as a loyal Heritage player. Currently along with artist relations liaison to Kenny Burrell, and Wolf Marshall, He is also assisting Kenny, with some of the fine points of the Super K.B. Jazz model, and continues to conduct sale clinics and guitar presentations as well as church concerts and venues.