Heritage Jazz Guitars

Take a look at the following list of incredibly crafted Heritage jazz guitars.


Heritage Super Kenny Burrell

This modern creation was designed for the distinguished Kenny Burrell, a very soulful, cool & bluesy guitarist. A very versatile instrument with rich warm round tonal definition and plenty of cutting power for traditional or contemporary music styles.

Heritage De Lorto Golden Eagle

A modern-vintage instrument, brilliant response, rich warm tonal definition
with a classic feel.

Heritage Kenny Burrell Groove Master

Heritage Kenny Burrell Concert Master

Super Eagle Chestnut Sunburst

Single HRW pickup with ala, KENNY BURRELL, Florentine cutaway and gold finger tail makes this instrument a very unique and personal expression of THE HERITAGE tradition.

A serious guitar for the discerning player

Black Super Eagle

Nothing Sounds like,plays like, or feels like an 18'' big body jazz guitar!
Rich warm tonal definition and plenty of power makes this a very rewarding instrument to play.

A  very striking and seasoned appearance,complement this fine guitars beautiful voice and tonality

Millennium Eagle Custom

A very smooth appearance with outstanding tonal capabilities and versatility. This guitar SINGSSSSS, and PLAYS like a DREAM.

Heritage Sweet 16

This instrument is appropriately named for its very sweet smooth tone quality and its smaller comfortable size.

Heritage Golden Eagle

This 1985 first year production Golden Eagle is one of the most outstanding Heritage guitars ever crafted.

Rich, warm tone, flawless workmanship and the finest selected tone woods make it a timeless masterpiece.

Faded Vintage, Golden Eagle

This guitar has a beautiful voice and radient glow almost like a sunset in Hawaii.

Henry Johnson

At first sight the Heritage Henry Johnson takes your breath away. There's no other way to put it. Nostalgia runs rampant as visions and memories of Wes Montgomery's Movin' Wes come flooding back. With the HJ you are miraculously transported back to that golden age of the world's greatest jazz guitars.

Antique Natural with Ebony Appointments

Antique natural ebony appointment. This very elegant golden eagle has a fine aged accoustic quality, as well as a very balanced mellow tone electricly.